Lube, Oil Change & Filter


Experts agree that regular oil changes are the number one service to extend the life of your car or truck. Delaying an oil change can cause expensive damage to your vehicle’s engine. Stop by any Roseville Auto Repair for the best value on your next oil change.

But how do you know which oil change to get? At Roseville Auto Repair, we’ll be able to advise you on recommended oil change for your vehicle. If you have a newer vehicle with lower mileage, you may just need our Synthetic oil and filter change. Has it been a while since your vehicle was serviced? We would recommend our Full-Service Oil Change, We offers a range of Full & Semi-Synthetic Oil Changes. If your vehicle is older with more than 70,000 miles, our High Mileage Oil Change will equip your vehicle with advanced added engine protection to help your car or truck last even longer.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?